The Original Alaskan Themed Hawaiian Shirt


AK Aloha Co.



Aloha and Welcome!

Hawaiian shirts are a staple of American fashion.  Regularly seen at backyard BBQs, birthdays, weddings, retirements, luaus, breweries and golf courses, to name a few. You can find Hawaiian shirts in every color and design, except the ones exclusively from AK Aloha Co.  These shirts are the only ones that are Alaskan themed!

 This wild business venture was Phil’s doing and like any good husband, he dragged his wife into it. Phil has fishing in his blood.  He grew up in Juneau, Alaska, spending many years on the water fishing and boating, later working at a fish hatchery.  He enjoyed all that Alaska and the Pacific Northwest had to offer.  With a spirit for adventure, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard fresh out of high school.  During his military career he was fortunate to travel the world, save some lives, and collect his own “sea stories” to someday tell the grandkids. The Coast Guard brought him to the East Coast where he currently lives in Virginia with his wife and “the wolfpack”, consisting of 5 kids ranging in age from 7-17. Phil retired in 2022 after serving honorably for 21 years.

 Jacqueline is the other half of the equation and the brains of the operation.  Originally from Massachusetts, she recently retired after 24 years in the Coast Guard.  Her varied work history includes retail, restaurant/hospitality, and group fitness instructor to name a few.  Her current day job is project manager for a national pediatric company, but by night she does everything from quality control, design creation and updating our social media posts to being photographer, travel agent and anything else needed by Ak Aloha Co shirts.

 These shirts are something we stand behind.  We honestly love everything there is about Alaska and we want to share it with the world. If you are looking for a cool shirt, you came to the right place.  Be prepared when you wear AK Aloha Co shirts, to not only have your fashion sense questioned, but to be the envy of complete strangers.  




Phil and Jacqueline